RBI designs and supplies plush toys and soft sculptures to retailers in the United States and abroad.  Our account base ranges from the local florist to the largest retail chains in the world.  Many of our customers have been with us from the beginning and time flies when you're making fun!  RBI began it's journey in 1993.  We cherish all of our business partners and go the extra mile to create unique items for the different classes of trade that we manufacture for.  Our specialty is to develop an item that has a special twist and is a bit different to the marketplace.  We encourage our partners to think out of the box and add their suggestions to our designs. We enjoy adding personal effects to the toy, making it unique for the particular merchant.  In addition, we stock a beautiful "gift quality" line of bears, puppies, North American animals, jungle animals, sea creatures and holiday plush toys for every season and every reason.

We are especially proud of our two signature collection, the very popular "Puppets With Sound" and "Lil Ones With Sound".

Welcome to RBI Toys!!