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In your storage device, due to prolonged usage, several bad sectors might be created due to storage failures and wearing out of the device. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a scan and amend any bad sectors that might be present on your storage device. The error can very well be a sign of your boot drive failing to perform as it should.

This will backup your current BCD store and create a new one from scratch. Execute each command one by one in the order they are listed below. DriverStoreExplorer will now scan your PC for installed drivers. Your driver files will now oficial site be sorted by their name alphabetically.

What Is The Device I/O Error?

If the drive is not compatible with ReadyBoost, the tab will not appear. Microsoft ReadyBoost is a Windows feature that offers a basic disk caching utility. This utility can cache files with a removable flash-based drive to improve Windows 10 performance without requiring additional memory. If you have multiple physical drives — not just multiple partitions of a single drive — you can increase the system speed by splitting the paging file across two drives. Allocate about 300 MB of the paging file to the system drive, select the second drive in the Virtual Memory dialog box, set the initial size and maximum size values, and click Set.

  • We can choose between “Check for problems the next time the computer is restarted” or if we want to “Restart now and check for problems”.
  • You can choose to stop RAM test at any time.
  • Then uninstall the application to get rid of the issue.

Do note that after you execute Windows 10 memory test cmd, the scan will start immediately after your computer restarts. You can leave the default memory check settings or select one of the presets. If you suspect your computer has some problems with RAM, do not rush to the nearby store to get a pair of new sticks. Begin with performing a memory test in Windows 10.

Part 4: What If I Lost Data with An I/O Device Error

Switch to the dark mode that’s kinder on your eyes at night time. If this solution fixed the problem, you are finished. If this did not fix the problem, go to solution 5. If this solution did not resolve the I/O problem, go to solution 3. And then, windows will automatically to fix the error.

Step 4: Find out how much RAM you have

After the system file checker has finished, restart your computer and check to see whether the blue screen issue has shown. Failing memory can cause your PC to act in strange and unpredictable ways. Faulty memory can cause programs to crash, your system to freeze, and the occasional blue screen of death. Luckily, Windows 7 and Windows 8 come with a built in program to check your memory and diagnose what problems you may be experiencing. RAM may not be very expensive to replace, but running a quick memory test should be your first step. At the Windows Boot Manager screen, press the TAB button on your keyboard to select the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and then press the enter key to start it.

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