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Run through the installation wizard and the instructions of your respective driver. Return to the Device Manager and click on Display adapters. In this example, the guide will reinstall Intel UHD Graphics 630, but the instructions are the same for all drivers.

Select any version of Safe Mode by pressing the appropriate number on your keyboard. After selecting the desired option, wait while Display Driver Uninstaller removes the driver. Display Driver Uninstaller Safe Mode – Sometimes in order to remove a certain driver, it’s advised that you remove it from Safe Mode.

  • Not only are update more likely to introduce new bugs and make your PC unusable, but they can also break compatibility with your system.
  • Under the Programs section, click on the Uninstall a program link.
  • In the following window, click OK to uninstall the current driver and reinstall the previous version.
  • When you update a graphics driver, you boost its performance by adjusting it to the new graphics structures that come with newer apps and games.

Missing or damaged system files can lead to different types of installation issues on your computer. To fix it and keep your system at tip-top condition, you should perform a thorough scan and repair. Not all driver updates are typically necessary, so prioritize the main components and dont tinker with custom drivers unless you have experience in that area. The Linux OS has a dedicated driver base for graphics, printers and other hardware devices. Since most of these drivers are made by enthusiasts, you must install them manually.

Finally, make sure you select “Recommended/Certified” drivers since ‘Beta’ drivers are unstable and might not work Driversol Drivers. DDU will help remove any bad drivers that were installed for your NVidia GPU. You must then rolling back carefully find the correct NVidia drivers on the GeForce website and install them. With a gt730 I’d consider it non essential, nvidia don’t have a great history when it comes to adding support for older cards.

What’s in the latest Nvidia GeForce driver?

That’s why we developed a straightforward, automated solution. Let us know your issue below and one of our top agents will get back to you via email as soon as possible. We’ve detected that you’re currently in a chat session. If you wish to continue, you’ll need to close your current chat session and then go to My Cases and close your case before you can start a new chat session. If you wish to continue, you’ll need to close your chat session before you can open a new case.

Here you will learn how to roll back Nvidia drivers in Windows 10. Before we begin, please download a copy of your current latest graphics driver as a backup just in case if anything goes wrong. It’s best to keep it in an external media drive such as a USB thumb drive. Step 4- After clicking the Roll Back Driver button, a package rollback dialog box should appear on your screen. You’ll be asked to choose the reason why you wish to rollback NVIDIA Driver. Select any of the options, and click on Yes to confirm the process.

Completely uninstall AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA drivers

In this guide, we have a simple two-step process for how to install and upgrade your GPU drivers in Windows 10. You can further search for updated drivers on Windows Update if the former process hasn’t installed any new driver version or you are not satisfied with the installed version. To learn the details of updating graphics drivers within Windows Update, please refer to the next solution. For some kinds of graphics card hardware that are integrated into laptops, they are called notebook GPUs.

Uninstalling drivers using Windows Device Manager is not supported

I actually had an initial question about if removing the CUDA driver would be harmful for the computer graphics. With that, apparently Apple stopped supporting CUDA in the newest OS systems. There may be no good way to speed this process up.

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