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Only once we open the spiritual channels and begin to accept a Higher Power into our lives can we hope to find a solution to our alcoholic condition. In other words it is the consequence of my fear based condition, this affective disorder. These emotion processing deficits also appear to make us more impulsive, and to choose lesser short term gain over greater long term gain in decision making.

  • It is treated through dual diagnosis, which looks to address both the physical addiction and mental health issues affecting the individual.
  • Once we are aware of these feelings, we can begin the real work on ourselves.
  • Faith as an experience, as opposed to a philosophical construct alone, has become a working part of my life.
  • I am shamed and disgusted that my neighourhood has come to this.
  • It is strange paradox, the more you focus on helping others, the more you discoverhow much you matter.
  • “The principles of the programme of Alcoholics Anonymous are scientific and closely follow all the helping therapies which lead people to emotional well-being.

It was 80 years ago, so our knowledge base has moved on greatly from when the Big Book was written. Hence I believe we should appreciate that this definition of our condition has been updated by research into emotions especially in the last 20 years.

Cultivating Connections in Recovery: Fellowship and a Higher Power

This allows me to do a quick inventory of my negative emotions and a prayer to God to have them removed. My experience is that they are always removed and that we are immediately restored to sanity. If we practice virtues instead of defects then the brain changes for the better and we recover quicker. Our positive loving, healthy behaviours change us and our brains via neuroplasticity for the better. Desire obviously runs contrary to the idea of being in God’s will, in fact it is being in Self Will that seems to create distress in many people with addictive behaviours.


Sponsorship embodies the fellowship’s altruistic orientation, reflecting a “helping and helper therapy principle” . Sponsorship plays an important role in the recovery process. The basic tenet of this, is that it takes one alcoholic to help another alcoholic achieve sobriety. This has been borne out in millions of cases around the world. It symbolizes that this was the day when one alcoholic helped another alcoholic achieve lasting sobriety. There are no individualistic programs or people simply doing their own thing, it is a collective program of action. Now at least I can see how I react and can take steps to deal with it.

Addiction Categories

The guy was probably in guilt too as he could been working on his spiritual malady more. If we leave self pity to fester long enough it becomes depression, that is my experience anyway. Defense mechanisms are central to psycho-analytic thought – such as projection etc, the idea that we expel “out of ourselves what we do not like about ourselves onto others. This seems compounded by not always being able to read our emotions or somatic states.

  • But in our quest to fill this void with any and everything we can think of, we completely miss that the only thing that can actually fulfill us a spiritual connectedness to something greater than ourselves.
  • In order to fully recover from alcoholism, addiction and addictive behaviours, we find we have to trust at least one other human being.
  • So we have issues with emotions and somatic/body feeling states.
  • To conclude, it’s not my body — my allergic reaction to alcohol — that’s going to take me back to drinking.
  • Frequently, individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction are also experiencing a mental health issue like an anxiety disorder or a depressive disorder.
  • My recovery has thus since been about “growing up” a bit, however unsuccessful I am in this pursuit on occasion.

This spiritual malady, or spiritual disconnection, is the driving force behind our addiction and self-destructive behaviors. Without addressing this spiritual malady, we have absolutely no hope for intrinsic change or recovery.

Sensing God: Learning to Meditate During “A New Kind of Lent”

Faith as an https://ecosoberhouse.com/, as opposed to a philosophical construct alone, has become a working part of my life. My spiritual awakening has transformed the powerlessness that I once endured into a source of power through my faithful adherence to practices and a healing renewal of faith in a power greater than myself. In hindsight, this seems like such a simple shift in perspective – perhaps even obvious – but accepting it at the time was momentous for me. This difference in perspective, which I learned from AA, is marked by what one assumes about being human. Viewing Jewish practices as a program of healing, renewal, and change inherently assumes that human beings are imperfect, pained, and broken. Moreover, it assumes that we need help in the form of practices, community, and guidance. Again, this may seem like obvious and simple wisdom, however, there is a monumental difference between giving it lip service and truly and deeply believing in it.

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